Alan Cave – Popular Haitian Musician

Born in 1966, Georges Alan Cave remains one of the most famous Haitian musicians. He is a singer and leader of a Haitian music group referred to as “Zin”.

Alan Cave and his group came up with their first album captioned “O Pa” in 1988. Ever since then, the group has been releasing other albums.

However, Alan Cave later ventured into solo music career. He came up with 3 solo albums which have continued to dominate the Haitian music industry. Aside from being a singer, he also writes songs. He has lots of music pieces that are yet to be released. They abound in the Haitian Creole, French, and English languages.

Alan Cave is known for composing most of his songs. He has a great talent in music compositions and renditions. He’s always booked to perform at various concerts and music shows. He’s well known as a top performer in the French-Caribbean world.

Aside from being a solo successful singer, Alan has also performed alongside other popular local and international musicians such as Malavoi, Roy Shirley, Mario DeVolcy, and many others.

Top among Alan Cave’s solo kompa albums include “Lagem” released in 1993, and “Best of” released in 2000. Among his greatest hits released in 2014 include “Lil Mama”,Twerk that” and “Fanm sa”.

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