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Alison Hinds is a well-known female soca/reggae artist who origins from Caribbean island of Barbados. She was born on 1st June 1970. Many of her fans have nicknamed her the “Queen of Soca” because she is most popular soca singers in the world. In the past years, she has produced many hits songs top charts across the countries that don`t even listen to Soca music.

In the year 1987, she participated in a Richard Stoute teen talent competition, where she finished the third position. After that same year she became leading vocalist to a band known has Square One, they were able to record number of albums with the band ahead of her leaving in 2004 after giving birth to her daughter Saharan.

When the band first started they performed mainly in the clubs and bars, but as time goes on they grew to be top Soca band, taking soca to a new level. “Ragamuffin” was her first hit Alison produced in the year 1996. That same year it made her win road march for Kadooment which Barbados` Carnival. The next year she also repeated road march and she was able to win The Party Monarch with a different hit “Twister”.

She was the only first female to achieve these kinds of titles in Barbados she was. However, this enabled Hind`s to become the lead singer of the band. “Full Bloom” was another album Square One created. It was the most popular hit across the Caribbean. In that album, it had a song known as “Faluma”, which become a hit in The Caribbean for pretty some time from 1999-2000. It remained at the highest for 49 weeks in the Guatemala charts.

The popularity of Hinds grew during this period. They kept producing hits until the year 2004 they broke up after the departure of Hinds.

Hinds live with her husband Edward Walcott and their daughter at a farm which her husband manages in Barbados. However, she also manages her own band known as “The Alison Hinds Shows”. The band has produced hit songs such as “Roll It Gal” that heartened women to be autonomous and to have superiority for themselves.

Alison Hinds is featured on the soca station of zimvibes.

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