Bracket : Nigerian R&B Artists

Nwachukwu Oziko (Vast) and Ebuneme (Smash) are the duo best known as Bracket are not really highly regarded in their country of origin, Nigeria as they are in other African countries as far as African RnB is concerned because they basically seen as ‘one album wonder’ (unable to replicate their success) over there.

Their hit song Yori Yori, Happy Day and Ada Owerri which received several international reviews and got airplay on different platforms remain their only hits till date.

Started singing during their days at the Institute of Management technology in Enugu where they formed the group while smash was studying for a degree in social work and psychology his counterpart Vast was doing a major in Mass communication.

The duo are still signed on to Africa’s most popular music group P-SQUARE’s Apple Planet at the moment but are yet to get the music industry buzzing again as they did with ‘YORI YORI’ and ‘HAPPY DAY’

The story of how the group began has been mixed in several stories and allegations. Bistop, a former member of the group entitlements to be the innovator of the group after convention Vast in a barbing salon back in 1999.

They performed and attended several shows under the name called “Furious bv”. In a press release, he said he left the group as a result of a cooperative strength of a former associate producer together with the singing duo. He also went on to statement that crash was not a fellow of the group till 2003 after he met him through a colleague.

They were the performers at the 2009 KORA award ceremony in South Africa, where they got numerous fans singing to their tunes and dancing to their music, in a recent interview Smash said the group that are presently working on an album and it won’t be long before their fans will be treated to a delight by Bracket.

Bracket’s biggest hits include 2013’s “Girl” featuring Wizkid and 2011’s “No time”.

Bracket is featured on zimvibes afrobeat station. Zimvibes is a  free music player available on android and apple.