Burna Boy : Ghanaian Reggae Phenom

Reggae music is highly cherished across Nigeria and the entire African continent. Several reggae musicians have continued to emerge in Africa. They have continued to rent the world with their awesome reggae hits. Burna boy is indeed one of the well known reggae musicians. He’s known for his awesome performances and unique reggae albums.

Burna boy is a Nigerian-born reggae musician born in 1991. His real name is Damini Ogulu but he’s widely known by his stage name “Burna boy”. He is indeed one of the top reggae guys that have continued to take the African music to greater heights.

Burna boy is known as a prolific songwriter and singer. He’s well into the reggae dancehall music. He grew up in River State but later started his music career in Lagos Nigeria.

Burna boy came up with his first album captioned “Like To Party” in 2012. This actually brought him into limelight in the African music. Later on in the same 2012, he came up with single captioned “Tonight”. Aside from these top hits, Burna boy also released other albums that make up his discography. Among them include “Burn Notice” released in 2011 and “Burn Identity” released also in 2011. Among his greatest singles include “Don Gordon” released in 2014, “Run My Race” released in 2013 and many others.

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