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It would not be wrong to call Carimi, kings of Kompa genre. The group started 2002 in New York, Carimi is a well-liked Haitian musical band that has been appreciated quite a lot by music lovers, even by those who do not have an inclination towards the Haitian Kompa.

The talent plus the hard work of each of its members took Carimi to new heights of accomplishment and escalation not only within Haiti but also in the different part of Europe throughout. 

What is rather delightful to know for the Carimi fans is the secret behind the band name. It began when three talented musicians, all with the same passion for their interests came together, namely, Carlo Vieux, Richard Cavé and Mikael Guirand, and found the group title by combining the first to letters in their names: Ca-Ri-Mi. Based in Haiti, the three young men decided to come to New York to find a career in Music taking into account the troubles in their country.

Hard work worked wonders for them and they were able to produce some of the most profound and celebrated music of all times. The very first of and most successful their albums to be launched was the Poze Aki in Concert. Moreover, Bang Bang launched in 2001 featured in it some of the hits of all times. The latest of their works include Are you ready and Invasion.

Carimi rose to success by portraying in their distinctive music style, their native Haitian genre in addition to exceptional lyrics, which contained in them the depth of depicting the troubles faced by their homeland.

Surely the young and fresh faces treasured the passion of a large number of their fans though the inherent aptitude transported them with awards and honors that numerous crews had wanted for. They continued to be in top stock chart through various billboards in Europe and even won an award for the best Album of the entire year.

Carimi is featured on the Haitian Music Station on Zimvibes.

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