Carnival : West Indian Tradition

So before going on the details, we should know about the history as well as the signifies of the carnival. Carnival is like a festive season that basically starts from February. Now the question arises that what happens in the carnival? Carnival comprises of various events at one time or at one place. It also includes various shops of famous things and delicious food.

It involves public celebration and different programs take place in the carnival itself, like circus, music n dance shows, magic shows etc. Carnival is a new tradition adopted by many countries nowadays. In fact, the carnival fest happens in all over the world for the enjoyment and fun. Public Carnival is the world’s largest hosting event in which people take part with the great enthusiasm.

The Caribbean is the part of North America.  The Caribbean carnival has been celebrated since the 18th century. The north Caribbean has many islands in it and in each island the carnival celebrates every year where millions of people take part. The most largest and important island of north America Caribbean is Trinidad and Tobago.

This is the most important cultural event in Dutch people.  Carnival has many events like jump up parade’s where people wear beautiful costumes and indulge themselves with live band performance, various contest, competitions, stall of food, cultural things etc. The beautiful parade starts in the middle of night and end before sunrise. Carnival is a celebration of life and is said to originate from African culture and rituals.

Apart from it, these carnivals have several common themes to which changes every year to make the event new and fresh.

Basically, the event especially held on Monday and Tuesday of February or March before the Ash Wednesday of lent. This is like a festival for Dutch people by the calendar too. It is more significant in their life because of fasting of lent and they are the lover of Soca music.

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