Charity Zisengwe: Woman of Church

Charity was born and grew up in Mutoko, Zimbabwe. Both his father and her mother were leaders in the United Methodist Church, where her father was a Lay Leader and her mother was a treasurer of the church and being a leader of a women’s ministry. Among nine siblings, Charity was the seventh, with four sisters and three brothers. Unfortunately, her eldest sibling died in the year 1996, her mother died in 2003 and her father died in 2005.

Charity loves to sing, and when she was in the third year of her high school, her roommates namely, Rhoda Chani and Kezzie Ndori used to sing with her, until such time their small group has turned into a choir group.

And during her high school, she was also a leader among leaders of the Scripture Union, which is a Christian organization in their school. She relocated to New Jersey after she graduated from high school and there she finished a degree in Business major in Marketing and later finished a diploma in Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom.

In the year 1997, Charity started to join various ministries in the church. And here, she learned to sing and give speeches in the church, in the youth events and organizations.

In the year 2003, she started writing songs. In the year 2004, her willingness to write made her attend the Babbie Mason Music conference international.

In the year 2006 with the same conference, she joined a competition about song writing and her song titled “There is a Way” got first place.

In the year 2008, Charity started giving testimonies about having a single life. This is why various women’s groups invite her to give a speech when they have events. She also receives invitations from youths where she delivers a speech for teens and young to decide for what is right at their young age. In the year 2010, her album called “Amazing” was released.

Charity’s music is featured on zimvibes gospel channel.