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The musical history of Haiti is tied with the country’s colonial roots and the traditions of the slave communities who were traveled for Haiti during the colonial period. Before exploring the history of Haitian music, it is important to take a look at this beautiful country’s history.

Haiti was a beautiful Caribbean island which was ruled by the Spanish that time and then France took over the control of Haiti, now split between Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Although the French were gone from Haiti, but the French culture remained dominated, especially between the superior classes. Haiti is the only autonomous nation in The Caribbean where the official language is French.

The impact of French culture can be seen in each and every aspect in Haiti. Be it music, language, education, one can easily relate to the French culture.

The influences of French and African culture have intermingled in Haitian music throughout the years. It is believed that most of the genre of music is somehow related to the Haitian music, from rock to jazz and folk. Haitian music reflects the French, African Rhythm and Spanish elements.

Kompa is one of the most greatest forms of Haitian music, which is basically is a combination of African rhythms and European ballroom dancing, mixed with Haiti’s bourgeois culture. The term ‘Compas’ means ‘Beat’ in Spanish.

The second popular form of Haitian music is Mini Jazz, which was started in mid-60. Mini Jazz followed the formula of rock, where there was a need of two guitars, one drum-conga-cowbell and bass, some use an alto sax or a full horn section, others use a keyboard, accordion or lead guitar.

Haitian Rock is another form of Haitian music, which was originated as rock and roll in the early 1960’s. In today’s culture, Haitian Rock is an alternative rock music, with a blend of Caribbean flavour. In the late 1970’s Mizik Rasin was started and it all came in existence by experimenting with new types of life.

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