Harmonik – A Haitian Musician Band Per excellence

Haitian music is known for its rich cultural content. Several Haitian musicians have continued to rent the air with their excellent solos and albums. The Harmonik band is indeed a force to reckon with in Haiti. It’s a group of Kompa musicians led by Nickenson Prud’Homme.

Actually, Nickenson Prud’Homme was born in Haiti. He started venturing into music very early in life. at age 13, he organized a musical group known as “Explosif”. Later on, he joined the famous Haitian band; “Djakout Mizik”. After some years, he worked as a producer and keyboardist for the “Zenglen” music band.

Nickenson later released his first album in 2005. After some years, the Harmonik started dominating the Haitian music world. Nickenson became its leader. The group is made up of young men in their early twenties and late thirties.

So far, the Harmonik band has continued to soar high. The brand members live in Miami Florida from where they operate. They performed one of their greatest hits captioned “Hallelujah”. They are still performing all over the US and Haiti as occasion demands.

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