JBeatz: the Remix King

Jason Jules or J Beatz was born in Arcahaie, Haiti, but he grew up in the United States. He is a very dedicated DJ, producer and an artist. His legacy of music started at the age of fourteen, producing music from his bare hands. He had been a champion for playing the piano, later on started playing instruments in the church like guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion.

He had been a master of Haitian and American Music industries. And later he made a name for himself.

He produced albums for artists like Alan Cave, Oswald, Casley, Black Dada, Kenny Des, Carimi, Young Rich, Top Alderman, and even with upcoming artists like Jerome Baker.

He also worked with some of the best record companies like the Strictly the Best Records and the Vagabond Records.

He also later earned a title as “The King of Remixes” from the “De Mwen We to Sa Pa Pou Dat.”

He now has a label called “Crown Jules” from his album “1 Duty EP,” but then he still wants to continue releasing his music and enhance his skill and career as a DJ at Mode FM station.

In the year 2010, he released an album titled, “1 Dutty EP.”

In the year 2011, he released an album titled, “Our Own World.”

In the year 2012, he released the albums, namely, “8 Bar Mucktion EP” and “Injunction.”

In the year 2013, he released the albums, namely, “Wave Down” and “Quality Control – EP” with the song “Oh.”

In the year 2014, he released the albums, namely, “Duality” and “1 More Day” with the songs “An’n FE Yon BEI Vi, Pa Dim Bye Bye, Sa’n Tap FE? and Let’s Get Married.”

In the year 2015, he released his new single titled “Oh my God” feats Wendy. And in this year releasing the albums, namely, “Hybrid EP” with the song titled “Vine,” and “Green Phlegm.”

He is now busy with tours and live performances in different places.

JBeatz is an artist featured on zimvibes Haitian radio station.