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When Haitian music is talked about, it cannot go without the mention of Kassav. Founded in 1979, the group consisted of 7 main members, Jocelyne Beroard, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Claude Vamur, Jacob Desvarieux, Patrick St. Eloi, Pierre-Edouard Décimus, Georges Décimus and Jean-Claude Naimro. The group went through a journey of a lot of success with the release of over 20 albums, which brought them great fame.


The group began with Pierre-Edouard Decimus, a member of a dance orchestra who decided to pursue his passion of playing the Caribbean music in a modernized fashion and present it to the world. Two of the very early men to be recruited were Georges Decimus (Pierre-Edouard’s brother), a bass guitarist and Jacob Desvarieux, a well-known studio guitarist. From one man, the group soon began to grow with the addition of each new member with the talent of his own.


The very first album to be released by Kassav was named Love and Ka dance. The album was one of its own kinds: it gave room to a new form of music being created. Today, we know it as zouk. It consisted of many new sounds and new methods. What was particularly different was the newly found form of bass techniques, the brass wind tools and the use of keyboards. This genre gave their music a newer, finer sound, a music that was sprightly and made everyone dance.  


The creation of a new musical art had turned heads and one after another, the group gave some fantastic hits. During the 80s, Kassav became one of the most prominent Caribbean music groups that existed. Among the earliest of the group’s albums with its biggest hits were the Lagué mwen, My Doudou, Passeport, Ayé and many more. Group members also went ahead with their solo albums that turned out to bring more rejoice to Kassav. In fact, by the 90s their popularity grew enough that they made their first film debut in French cinema. To this date, they are known for their unmatched talent.

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