Kerwin DuBois: Soca Artist

Kerwin DuBois (Also known as Mr. Bacchanal) the Soca and Calypso music man extraordinaire, is of Trinidadian descent, born in the Capital city of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

His humble beginnings as a singer during primary school were his first step towards his yearn for major success in music. Growing up, he attended and participated in Calypso Monarch competitions, gaining reputation and recognition of his seriousness for the genre, even being a participant in a Calypso youth Exchange program based in the United Kingdom.

In 2008, he captured the third area with Shal Marshall from the International Soca Monarch competition while using the international hit “Gyal Farm,” which he wrote and created.

Kerwin made Soca history in 2009, his musical efforts of producing and collecting the biggest group of female Soca artists, which led to the creation of “Obsessive Whiners”, a record that will forever place him as a top-tier musician and composer of Soca music.

Kerwin joined up with forces with Farmer Nappy to create the immensely popular 2010 Carnival Anthem ‘Pavement’. The duo have been expected to win the International Cool Soca Monarch pulled off an amazing performance although the video presentation skilled technical difficulties in addition to failed. Kerwin and Player placed fourth within the competition. Du Bois furthermore wrote and created Farmer’s second hit with the 2010 Carnival season ‘I pay for This’

The year 2012 continues to be dubbed by many since the Year of the actual Bacchanalist… With a number of major hits, Carnival 2012 ended up being transformed, when the actual “Runaway Bacchanalist” launched.

Kerwin’s hunger and devotion to soca have paid off from then on, becoming a household name to soca fans and soca events alike. To this date, he has started up his own studio, titled, KNS, which is based in Toronto, Canada.

His ever-expanding catalog and behind the scenes contribution to the world of soca music is what makes him such a heavy hitter to have around, Kerwin has proven to be the engineer and mastermind of plenty of works and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Kerwin’s largest hit to date is 2014’s anthem “Too Real”

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