Kreyo La – Top Haitian Music Band

The Haitian music will never recover from the impact made by Kreyo La which is one of the most popular bands in Haiti. The group is known for playing “Compass” which is a well known Haitian rhythm that spurs people to greater heights in the music realm.

Actually, the Kreyo La band was established in 2005 there in Petionville, Haiti. The group is focused on generating albums that are filled with humor and rigor. They also produce albums that seek to address the problems of the society and the youth.

The Kreyo La group released their first song titled “Korem” shortly after they came together. The song talks about love and peace for the Haiti people. It came at a time when the country and its youth were going through a though time. It actually became a consolation for the people each time they hear the music.

Later on in 2008, the Kreyo La band became more popular. The group added unique musical instruments that eventually made it to be a full blown music band.

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