Leonard Arnold Mapfumo

Leonard Arnold Mapfumo or Leo was born in 1983 in the district of Harare, Zimbabwe but later on his family moved to Mbare. He started having a passion for music when he was still in fifth grade and he continued to love music as he learned to write his music and started performing. And no wonder where he got this passion because his family loves music too. And this passion did not stop him to continue and make a career in the music industry.

The Galaxy Entertainment helped him in distributing his songs. In the year 2002, Leonard started earning a career and having the title as one of the fathers of Zimbabwean urban sounds. It was in the same year when his single “Seiko” was released and a top hit the charts.

In the year 2005, in association with Roki, his album R & L was released and the Zimbabwean music industry caught an eye for his single “Maidei” even reaching top one for forty-two weeks from the record.

His career began to boom and it was in the year 2007 when he came up opening a studio with Joe Machingura where it was called “Heshi Mfeshi” and credits were given to him by artists like Shinsoman, Yaka and Yoz. In the same year, he released a solo album named “Namapfumo” with his singles hitting the chart on top namely “Mvura” and “Chiuya”.

In the year 2010, his third album was released and it was titled as “The Journey.” And another top hit single was titled “Two Chete.”

It was in the year 2014 when his fourth album was released and it was called “Road to Israel”. And this time his singles “Ukandisiya” together with the song “One step” rocked Zimbabwean music. And with this album are future artists like Vanessa and Magen’a and so with Arnold Gara and other artists.

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