Maskiri: Zim’s #1 Rapper

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Maskiri Friendly known as ‘African eminen’ due to his astonishing rapping talent and skill to sometimes go overboard with lyrics, Maskiri is possibly the greatest in his genre to ever come out of not only Zimbabwe but Africa as a whole.

Born in Chitungwiza in 1980, Maskiri had a troubled childhood that was mired in different controversies, from truancy, expulsion from school and trouble with authorities by the time his parents forced him to enroll in Aidens High school the rapper had made up his mind about not wanting to carry on studying as he said “the school (St Aidens was dull, it lacked the joy I had found in other schools which affected me, it was simply not interesting” Maskiri said about his hometown school.

His ability to rap beautifully in Shona language was hailed by many as ‘amazing’ while the comparison with American artist Eminem continues because the similarities in style employed by the duo.

He remains one of the few African artists to have collaborated with renowned international stars with United Kingdom’s Keisha White the latest he worked with.

Despite controversies that continue to trail the singer’s life which include a rumored affair with someone’s wife which initiated him a ruined pelvic while bidding to jump from his lover’s home, there’s no doubting his talents which will continue to make him a force to reckon with as far as rapping in Africa is concerned.

Maskiri is featured on the zimvibes music station.

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