Misty Jean : Beauty and Kompa Superstar

 As a Haitian native beauty, Misty Jean has been a former Ms. West Indies and a multi-talented singer, the combination of both has brought her recognition and much attention at her homeland and abroad.

Born in Haiti, 1980, she made a name for herself by performing locally and making connections with other acts. Not only has she dealt in the music scene, but she has also done commercial campaigns for a variety of companies in Haiti.

Misty Jean’s elegance and beauty would later lead her to win Port-Au Prince’s “The Miss de la Francophonie” in 2002 and the Queen of Carnival at the Greater Miami Mardi Gras in 2003.

It wasn’t until mid-2004 that Misty Jean would take on music as her main career, with her debut album, titled, “Plus Pres De Toi” which also caused a huge buzz in the Haitian communities in America, making her THE hot woman of her homeland at the time.

She would continue to perform, tour and promote her first album until 2006 when she released her sophomore album, “Konpa A Gogo” with appearances from Paradi Lanmou, Thierry Cham, and Kaysha. Misty Jean’s stellar album would lead her to win a series of awards, mainstream performances and huge opening acts, all due to her extraordinary work.

In 2013 Misty remade the song coupé-décalé, originally recorded by Teeyah an Ivorian singer, and added a little haitian kompa flair to her version. She also renamed her version Koupe Decale, to reflect the written translation in Haitian creole.

Her hunger for the arts didn’t stop there, though; in 2009, she landed the lead female role in a film titled, “The Price to Pay” directed by Mora Etienne Jr. All in all, by 2010 she had proven to be one of the most influential female voices of Haiti, from modeling, to singing, to acting, her vast range of talents leaves her fans and speculators alike in suspense of what she’ll do next. Misty Jean, the beauty, the charm, the talent and the work ethic of an overachiever.

Misty is featured on zimvibes Haitian Radio Station. Zimvibes is a free music app that features international music.