PopCaan: Top Jamaican Dancehall Musician

His real name is Andrae Jay Suntherland but he’s well known by his stage name “Popcaan”. The famous Jamaican dancehall musician was born in 1988. He remains one of the top dancehall artists that have continued to thrill the Jamaican people.


The dancehall music industry in Jamaica will always celebrate Popcaan and his exploits. He started performing at the age of 7. He started as a vocalist and also performed at various musical shows in Jamaica. He was later engaged by several music producers. He kept soaring higher from year to year.


Popcaan came into limelight when he released his first solo titled “Gal Wine”. This was followed by other songs such as “Jah Jan Protect Me”, “Hot Grabba”, and so on.


In any case, Popcaan became very popular in 2010 when he released a unique song titled “Clarks”. This singular song gained international attention. Popcaan got several awards as a result of the song. He bagged the “Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award”.


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