Sean Paul: Jamaican Hitmaker

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques (mostly known as just Sean Paul) the man who rocked each and every dancehall, summer party, (He even had barbeques bumpin’) going for hours during the early 2000’s. Born January 8th, 1973, in Kingston, Jamaica, Sean Paul is a man of many talents.

From singer to the producer to rapper and actor, his multi-talent range has allowed him to grow and rank himself as a renowned dancehall artist. His start to worldwide fame derived from performing at open microphone events in Jamaica during the late 90’s, eventually, gaining the attention of his would be manager/producer (Jeremy Harding) and from then on, the duo have worked on extensive shits.

As they continued to work together, their hard work would finally come to fruition in the 2000’s, releasing songs such as, “Baby Girl”, “Get Busy”, and the biggest one of all, “gimme the light”. Sean Paul’s debut album, “Dutty Rock”, would later prove to be an instant summer classic, selling well over 6 million copies.

His music video’s also proved to be a major success; MTV and BET spin-off his visuals were constantly in the rotation and highly demanded by the public. His prior work would boost his notoriety, around the time Sean Paul’s 3rd album dropped, “The Trinity”, his name was recognized and acknowledged by millions of people on a global scale.

That same year, he was presented with the American Music Award for “(When You Gonna) Give It up To Me”, opening the way for dozens of film and music opportunities, as well as leaving his mark in America at the time. As his music career progressed, Sean Paul’s catalog would grow to be overwhelmingly impressive, leaving his mark as one of the most well-known Jamaican born dancehall artists of our generation.

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