Shingisai Suluma – Zim Gospel

Shingisai Suluma, the Zimbabwean gospel music star, was born in 1971. She belonged to the Christian set of beliefs and was known to be a songwriter and worship leader.

Unlike many other families in the Zimbabwean culture that were conservative to pursuing music as the career, Shingisai’s family was pretty inclined towards music. Her parents sang in the churches and that is where she got her inspiration from.

She was inevitably put to singing in the church as an inheritance factor.  Shingisai states, “When you are from a musical family, they want you to follow that and we found ourselves doing hours and hours of rehearsals at home and singing in church on Sunday whether we liked it or not.”

Her first break in the recording came in 1995 and she has hence managed to produce 10 albums till to date.

She is a proud winner of awards at the Zimbabwe Music Awards three times for the Best Female Gospel category. She has also won the National Arts Merit Award for the Outstanding Song – Nanhasi category.

The list of her albums includes “Zvanaka” (1995), “Huyai Ishe Jesu” (1998), “Mumaoko” (2000), “Nokuti Wakanaka” (2002), “Fara Zvakadaro” (2004), “Tatenda Taona” (2005), “Maitiro Enyu” (2007), “Ndewake” (2009), “Rwendo” (2013).  She has travelled around and has performed internationally affecting many people from various backgrounds with her religious music. Her songs Nanhasi and Mirira Mangwanani were well received by the public.

People believe her music to be a way of communicating with God which became the reason behind her popularity.  “I get a lot of people saying my music has uplifted them to be better Christians, and God has been speaking to them through our music,”, she said.

She still continues to preach the religion to people in the implication of bringing them close to God.

Shingisai Suluma is featured on Zimvibes Zim Gospel Music Station.