Super Cat: Dancehall Legend

William Anthony Maragh, Super Cat or A.K.A “Mr. Walker”, was the man who put Jamaica Dancehall on the map, his sound was so unique at his time, that is was hard to walk away from, let alone, not want to listen to and jam.

Born June 25th, 1963 in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, started his venture in the music scene as an assistant for local DJ’s at the age of seven. As time went on, he persisted with his passion for the dance-hall style, going under various aliases until he settled on Super Cat.

The track that set him to be the legend he is to date, produced in 1981 “Mr. Walker”,  was an instant hit among the crowd’s he’d perform and DJ for. Though he spent some time in jail over a dispute with a cashier, (Worst luck eh?) soon after his release, he returned to doing what he loved, music.

In the mid 80’s, Super Cat would go on to release his debut album, “Si Boops Deh!” that would place him as a pioneer in dancehall music with his unique style and taste.

The early 90’s would place Super Cat at an even higher platform, from remixing songs for popular groups of the time, such as The Notorious B.I.G and the duo Kriss Kross, to being featured as 1993’s Dancehall artist of the year in The Source Magazine.

Super Cat would go on to prove himself as a living legend of Dance Hall music, being recognized and admired and even collaboration with 2000’s mega artists such as Pharrell, Jada kiss, and Beanie Man.

From a scrawny seven-year-old helping his local DJ’s to becoming the face of Dancehall music, Super Cat’s story is an inspiration for upcoming dancehall musicians and fans of the dancehall style alike.

Super Cat is featured on the dancehall station of zimvibes. Zimvibes is a free music application that is available for android and apple devices.