Tocky Vibes : New Generation of Zimbabwean Musicians

Tocky Vibes, born on 29 November 1993, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated artists of the Zimbabwean musical landscape. His journey to becoming a successful musician was not very facile.

On the outsides as he seemed to enjoy his fame, his parents on the other hand were a constant hindrance in his endeavors of success. According to their culture, pursuing music was not a profession that was looked upon with respect so the overriding reproach hurled at his way was a constant obstruction he faced.

Moreover he was rejected by various studios before he set foot into the music industry with his Dancehall style music. Charles “TORRO” Guvamatanga of Torro Entertainment who has been managing the youngster said Tocky “was turned down from studio to studio and almost quit music.

His music is characterized by his distinctive voice quality and the soulful lyrics. He has managed to record several singles and albums as is regarded as the flare of hope due to the maturity in his lyrics.

In his songs he touches on topics such as motherly love, AIDS and HIVS and in another one of his famous songs titled “Shanda” he motivates the musicians to work hard regardless of the hurdles they face. He released more hit songs like Chii Nemi, Dziripo Hama, Vane Godo, Ndini Ndinorira and the most recent of all Handityi produced by Dj Fydale and Usakande Mapfumo Pasi on Bodyslam Riddim.

He had reached new heights by signing an endorsement deal with a cigarette company which then on proved to be putting a label of being the most in demand artist for brands.

Tocky has yet a long way to go in his musical adventures and is working hard to improvise his music. Guvamatanga believes Tocky is the “new Marshall Munhumumwe of ZimDancehall and that the chanter has a special gift.

Tocky Vibes is featured on the Zimvibes Music Station.