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Trevor Dongo is one of the greatest Zimbabwean Rnb Performer currently as demonstrated by his capability to provide songs comprise love from a cavernous and completely different viewpoint.

Trevor was introduced for the music scene in 2005 regarding his debut album Ndozviita sei created by taking 5 with date squad broadcasters. Ever since after that his career continues to be characterised by reach after hit ranging from collaborations with wonderful stars like Huge, Stunner, Exq, Cindy, Nox, Snipe, Storm the general amongst a number others. Below is a summary of his discography.

Dongo commenced writing music at school. He took it as a hobby and he didn’t imagine for a moment that it would become his regular career. His passion continues to grow leading him or her into recording demonstrations. While at college he chose to sing for a living but since he some doubts, he did the both simultaneously.

After completing the Art course, Dongo made to release his debut album ‘Ndozviita Sei’. The album earned him a place in the city music scene. It was followed with the release of the couple singles such as ‘Tivanyadzise’, ‘Ruva Rashe’, ‘Takonana’, ‘Ndashamisika’ and many other. ‘Ruvarashe’ (2010) evolved into his second album and then ‘Fist Verse’ (2012).

The artist is working on yet another album ‘Two Ways to go’. Throughout 2012, he embarked on a debut international tour in Britain together with Maskiri in addition to Leonard Mapfumo. He went back to the BRITISH in 2014 with the UK Summer Pageant.

Trevor Dongo is featured on the Zimvibes Radio Station

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