T-Vice – Haitian Band

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With the growing interest among listeners for the kompa genre, grew the trend of compas bands. One such band to grab the attention of masses by their mastery in the Haitian kompa genre (also knows as compa) was T-Vice started during the 90s. The band is based in Miami, Florida but continues to gather fame and admiration in some of the most important cities of the world such as Toronto, New York, Paris and many other parts of Europe.

The group was formed when Roberto Martino and Reynaldo Martino, the two sons of a renowned guitarist, Robert Martino decides to take up something similar to their father’s. Rather interestingly, T-Vice emerged, as a descendant of a classic kompa band, the Top Vice – a band Robert Martino was a lead guitarist of.

The two brothers soon employed their talented friends into their venture, Gerald Kebreau and James Cardozo and till this date, the group remains as such, the most recent of their works being the release of their album, Resan in 2013. With albums like Welcome to Haiti, Crossing West Indies a Haiti and Kompa Kontak, the band continued to gather applaud for the Haitian kompa genre.

 Kompa is in a way, a modernized form of the meringue genre, the basis of which can be traced in Europe and Africa. The genre itself, however, is known to be born in Haiti itself by the talents of young artists emerging from this country through the years. The T-Vice is certainly one such band that gave rise to this unique category of music that exists today. 

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