Winky D – Zimvibes

Winky D often known as Di Bigman is undoubtedly one of Zimbabwe’s finest dancehall artists that have also become popularly often known as Messi we Reggae intended for his outstanding tasks.

His exuberance in addition to energy on stage have witnessed him outshining intercontinental artists on numerous local platforms and in addition giving memorable indicates internationally.

When this individual was 16, he performed at the Ghetto Lane Clashes which are DJ battles used to showcase the finest emerging talent. He instantly manufactured fans as he continued taking part in similar platforms. It had been from these indicates where he attained the name ‘Wicked Deejay’ that was shortened Winky Debbie for his highly effective lyrics.

While he started documenting, his music got explicit lyrics in addition to extolled violence, gangsterism in addition to promiscuity. He nonetheless changed and started out singing gospel tunes from 2013, in addition to songs urging youths in order to shun using drug treatments.

Seeing him flourish as a YouTube artist, from his first video “Rasta Medley” (2008) to “I Cry Medley” (2015) shows how much he has progressed as a reggae dance-hall artist and the seriousness, devotion and heart he puts into his pursuit of musical success. “The Ninja President’s” latest tour during the Digital One UK Summer Fiesta 2015 featuring dozens of other reggae dance-hall artists has made him a monumental artist and influential figure of Zimbabwe and the reggae scene in general, for many years to come.

Winky D is often a dancehall and reggae artist and Mukanya is often a chimurenga musician — the genre popularised simply by him while Mtukudzi sings precisely what he calls Tuku music with a jazzy feel.

Absolutely nothing is called Zimbabwean tunes as each artist is now on to place a tag in order to his music using Sulumani Chimbetu, who’s going to be also riding higher, calling his music Dendera that was popularized by their late father Simon Chimbetu, who started because the Marxist brothers inside 80’s with the late Naison Chimbetu prior to officially splitting in 1988.

Winky D is featured on the zimvibes music station. Zimvibes is a free music app that features international music.