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Among the many popular forms of Music in Zimbabwe, one such form of music that is rather controversial is the Gospel genre. The Gospel was not as popular in the relatively early days since a lot of the local music companies did not agree to record a gospel composition.

Moreover, there were just a limited number of musicians actually interested in this music, at least until the 1990s, a time when this form had just started to grow. However, time worked its way towards the growth of this genre and by the 2000s, its development had taken up a whole new pace, faster and fiercer.

With the new century came in many new developments in the field. In this era, dawned the musicians who were celebrated for their talent. Not only did they bring in a more elaborate presentation of the gospel but also their works brought about growing interest in listeners. Some of these music artists were namely, Fungisai Mashavave, Mathias Mhere, and Charles Charamba.

Many of the contemporary forms of music known to the world today have been created by the amalgamation of western beats with some traditional Zimbabwean music. While some quite famous artists known for the gospel genre have introduced the contemporary style in the gospel, others blended it with a hip-hop form to make it appealing to their listeners.

Mudiwa Mutandwa, a famous, rather debated gospel rap artist became well known in this regard. The artist of the late 90s however, Charles Charamba becomes among the most popular musicians who even held the gospel sales records.

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